February 28 2015

Jesus Loves Strippers

Read adapted excerpt in Nailed Magazine

NOVEL: Tom Spanbauer, my teacher, told me when workshopping and drafting this book that it might kill me because it’s so raw and brave. We laughed and cried and there were long moments of silence when finishing it. He was right, it almost killed me. The novel is complete but too complete. 600 pgs. I have to edit it with a butcher’s knife. So we will see if I can do it…I have my doubts.

Opening Paragraph
“Hi. My mom is a stripper. Not a nudist. Not a prostitute. But a pole hugger. It’s complicated being the son of a stripper. You’re never quite sure where it’s okay for your eyes to look at women anymore, especially your mom. You never get all the stripper glitter out of your clothes after you hug her. You have to keep the secret, like Ann Frank, and try to hide the fact you have a stripper in your house. It’s complicated on many levels but the glitter is always a dead giveaway.”