February 27 2015

Sojourning with Angels

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NOVEL – SPIRITUAL FANTASY: Religious history is filled with stories of angels, good and bad, interacting with us. My own sister claims one of these interactions during a car accident. Religious history, from ancient paganism, Egyptians, Vikings, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, to Christianity are also filled with stories, rituals, and visions of these same angels -good and bad- involved in the soul’s journey from this life into the next. There seems to be an intermediary existence- they all have teachings about this: Excarnation (being eaten) by birds, purgatory and all kinds of fantistical processes. Eastern Orthodox Christianity’s Aerial Toll Houses is by far the most interesting to me.

I had this idea of a Guardian Angel charged with caring for a not so saintly guy who dies. And there is phrase in the New Testament that states a husband can be sancitified (saved) by a god-fearing wife.

These two thoughts and years of blending religious research birthed this mystical love story.

I still find parts of human religious history and angels fascinating and unsettling.  If we actually do Sojourn with Angels now and after this life then I hope it resembles something this. Plus, I still break down in tears during parts of this story and I wrote the damn thing.

By the way: Grand Rapids, Michigan is a real place but the characters, faith communities, and businesses in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to any real person, faith community, or business should be dismissed as coincidence due to the commonness of such things. – R. Leo Olson